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The four leadership caps

The four leadership caps

Audio recording by Dr. Gustav Gous

Leadership is about action – it is something you do. This recording is about the four actions of successful leaders on all levels. If you are in a leadership position and ask yourself "What must I do today and tomorrow to lead my people to achieve our goal?" - then the four leadership actions symbolized by the four leadership caps, are for you. You will not find it to be another theoretical explanation on leader attributes, styles and roles or an analysis of historical figures, but a down to earth practical guide on how to "do" leadership. Each leadership cap represents an action to take, and just like De Bono's thinking hats, you can physically put on the cap while executing the action in meetings and team sessions.

Audio Tracks:

  1. Introduction
  2. Direction:  To lead people
  3. Directive:  To manage systems
  4. Delegative:  To empower team members
  5. Democratic:  To build a team
  6. Conclusion
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